Michigan Indiana Slot Car Association of Racers



Super Stock Rules

Same as National HOPRA rules



Legal chassis are: BSRT T2/G3/G3R,Viper Mattel/Tyco 440 X2, Micro Speedworks T+

Slottech Panther/Panther 02/Thundercat T1/T2/T3, Wizzard-Patriot P2/P3/Scorpion/Storm Life-Like Fast Tracker/Pro Tracker *


1. The chassis must be stock, readily available, “H.O.P.R.A. Approved” and cannot be machined, sanded or cut except to provide the following:

     A. Add body mounts.

     B. Reinforce and/or replace pickup tabs.

     C. Add adjustable Brush tension.

     D. Add axle retainer.

2. The guide pin can be a stock replacement part. It may be glued in place but shall remain in any one of the stock positions. The front axle may be attached to the guide pin in the Life Like chassis only.


3. All magnets used shall be stock or stock replacement ceramic “H.O.P.R.A. Approved” and cannot be cut.


4. Mattel/Tyco 440 X2 traction magnets must be of matching polarity.


5. All magnets shall remain in their stock location. No material or method may be used to restrict the movement of the magnets.


6. Any flux collectors used shall be stock and shall remain in their stock location and cannot be modified.


7. The armature must be stock or a hot stock production red wire with crimp/folded/welded tabs. The commutator may be trued, epoxied, and advanced timed. Small cuts or drill marks may be made for balancing only. No machining/cutting along the entire length or circumference of the lams/stacks. Excessive removal of material to reduce weight is not allowed. Minimum 5.8 ohms (measured pole to pole with armature removed from car and checked after a 5 minute cool down period). No de-winding, rewinding or soldered tabs.


8. Axle bushings are not allowed unless they are stock. *


9. There are no restrictions on the armature bushings, gears, axles, wheels and tires.


10. Electrical systems shall be stock or stock replacement. Adjustable brush tension is allowed. Plated parts are allowed. Shunt wires are not allowed. Electrical parts may be lightly sanded for cleaning purposes only.


11. The use of glue shall not be allowed on the chassis or bulkheads except for the body mounts, guide pin and armature bushings.



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