CMPM /PolyMod








Slottech #64 and #90 Delta Force magnets are NOT legal for MISCAR racing



Legal chassis are: BSRT T2/G3/G3R, Mattel/Tyco 440x2, Slottech Panther/Panther 02, Thundercat T3, Tomy

AFX Super G+, Wizzard Storm Viper


1. The chassis must be stock, readily available, “HOPRA Approved” and cannot be machined, sanded or cut

except to provide for the following:

A. Add body mounts.

B. Mount any guide pin holder - guide pin shall remain in any one of the stock positions.

C. Add armature bushings or ball bearings.

D. Drill or cut holes for adjustable brush tension.

E. The bottom surface of the chassis and bulkheads may be sanded flat. However, the bottom bulkhead tabs shall remain naturally connected to the end bells.

F. The pickup retaining tabs on the chassis may be reinforced and/or replaced in their stock position.

G. Real Axle retainers.

H. Bulkhead/Magnet Clip retaining screws.

2. Only “HOPRA Approved” compression molded polymer magnets may be used, see below for specific manufacturer part numbers. Magnets may be sanded flat on the bottom surface only so they are flush with the bottom surface of the chassis and bulkheads.



Part #




Chassis Type









G-Force C4 Traction Magnets

G-Force P10 Motor Magnets

G-Force P10 Traction Magnets

PolyMax Motor Magnets

PolyMax Traction Magnets

BSRT T2, Mattel/Tyco




G-Force P10 Traction Magnets


Tomy AFX Super G+










G13 Motor Magnets G6 Motor Magnets G13 Traction Magnets G6 Traction Magnets


Slottech Thundercat T3








PolyMax Motor Magnets PolyMax Motor Magnets LW PolyMax Traction Magnets MegaFlux Traction Magnets


Slottech Panther/Panther









Stock Storm Motor Magnets

Stock Storm Traction Magnets

High Level Storm Motor Magnets High Level Storm Traction Magnets

Level 10 Storm Traction Magnets












3. All magnets shall remain in their stock location.

4. The use of glue on the magnets or chassis surrounding the magnets shall not be allowed. Other non- magnetic materials may be employed to restrict the movement of the magnets. Any chassis clip used to hold the car together must not touch the magnets or affect the magnetic field.

5. Any type of armature shall be legal.

6. Electrical systems shall be stock or stock replacement parts. Shunt wires are allowed. Adjustable brush tension is allowed.

7. There are no restrictions on the armature bushings/ball bearings (may be glued in), guide pin, wheels, tires, gears and axles.


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