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( Same as Hopra Spec Racer )

New rules highlighted in RED



Chassis Rules

Legal chassis are: BSRT G3/G3R/G3RS, Viper, Slottech T1/T2/T3 and Wizzard Storm *

1. Stock flexible or medium stiffness chassis must be used and cannot be modified in any way except to add

body posts and axle retainers

2. All magnets must be "HOPRA Approved" stock ceramic or "compression molded ceramic grade polymer" and cannot be cut.

HOPRA Approved Compression Molded Ceramic Grade Polymer Magnets


Part #


Chassis Type





G-Force H-D Motor Magnets

G-Force C4 Motor Magnets

G-Force C4 Traction Magnet





G6 Motor Magnets

G6 Traction Magnets

Slottech Thundercat T3




Stock Storm Motor Magnets

Stock Storm Traction Magnets

Wizzard Storm


3. The armature must be stock or a hot stock production red wire with crimp/folded/welded tabs. The commutator may be trued, epoxied, and advanced timed. Small cuts or drill marks may be made for balancing only. No machining/cutting along the entire length or circumference of the lams/stacks. Excessive removal of material to reduce weight is not allowed. Minimum 5.8 ohms (measured pole to pole with armature removed from car and checked after a 5 minute cool down period). No de-winding, rewinding or soldered tabs.

4.The electrical system must be stock or stock replacement for the car. The use of big foot brushes and twisted endbells is allowed.


5. Any commercially available rear axle may be used.


6. Gear ratio must be 7 tooth pinion with a 23 tooth crown gear.


7. The front wheels, tires and axle may be any readily available parts.


8. Rear tires may be readily available solid silicon/rubber replacement tires. Rear wheels must be readily available, double flanged replacement wheels.


9. Guide pin must a commercially available part in the stock location for that chassis. Guide pin may be glued in place but must remain in one of the stock positions.


10. The front and rear motor bushing must be stock or stock replacement. Ball bearing prohibited


11.Bodies can be hard body (injected molded or resin) or lexan (vacuum molded) only. Open wheel bodies are not legal.


12. The use of glue is not allowed except to mount body posts and to secure armature bushings.



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