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MISCAR Brass class

New rules highlighted in red

  Brass Class 2022


1.     Cars eligible to compete in this class include the BSRT G3, G3R and G3RS, Viper Slottech and Wizzard

2.     The armature must be stock or a hot stock production red wire with crimp/folded/welded tabs. The commutator may be trued, epoxied, and advanced timed. Small cuts or drill marks may be made for balancing only. No machining/cutting along the entire length or circumference of the lams/stacks. Excessive removal of material to reduce weight is not allowed. Minimum 5.8 ohms (measured pole to pole with armature removed from car and checked after a 5 minute cool down period). No de-winding, rewinding or soldered tabs.

3.     You may not modify the manufacturers brass weight kit. NO modifications to the chassis.

3a. legal weight kits may be used in any chassis (mix and match)

3b. HCS (Harden Creek) front and rear weight sets ARE legal

4.     Plated electrical parts are OK

5.     No Bearings allowed. modified or Beedle bushings are allowed

6.     Any gears

7.     Rear tires must be "slip on"

8.     You may pin the rear axle in place

9.     Glues/adhesives are not allowed on the chassis except to attach the body mounting system and retain the guide pin.

10.     Any scale appearing vacuum-formed or snap-on hard body may be used. Bodies must be a minimum of .010" thickness.

11.       Brass Class races shall be run at 12.0 volts +/- .25 volts.


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