Michigan Indiana Slot Car Association of Racers



General Rules (2020 Season)

 New rules are highlighted red

All races will run on Saturday whenever possible.

Practice Times

9am  Track power turned on for practice.

12 noon lunch (track will stay on)

1pm switch to 12 V

2:00pm   Registration and tech inspection

Racing begins immediately following registration



 Membership fees will be collected as ticket charge for the Picnic/Rules meeting





Tech inspection and registration


  1. A team of two or three tech inspectors will look at each car.
  2. No broken chassis will be allowed to enter the race.
  3. The minimum allowable wheelbase is 1 ¼ (1.250) inches.
  4. The maximum allowable width of the chassis is 1 5/16” (1.3125)
  5. The maximum allowable length of the entire car is three (3.00) inches.
  1. Only one guide pin per car shall be allowed.
  1. The maximum allowable lateral movement of the front axle is 1/32 (.03125) inch. 
  1. During the race, any individual part of the car may be replaced. The chassis and body are not considered individual parts.
  2. The body must be painted and rear wings/spoilers maybe added for esthetics only.
  3. The body must cover the chassis, tires and wheels when viewing the car from above except through legal
  4. Every car entered may be required to submit to a post-race technical inspection. 


Tech Team for 2017

  1. Dwayne Munson
  2. Ken Hunter
  3. (Trainee) Lance Miles

Race Fees

  1. $10 per racer  split with the host and MISCAR. The race host is guaranteed a minimum of $50

Race Procedures



  1. If there are 12 or fewer entries we will run timed qualifying.
  2. 13 or more entries the race heats will be determined by random computer placing
  3. Each driver will run a pre-determined lane (by the track owner) for 60 seconds.
  4. The fastest one lap will be the drivers qualifying speed
  5. Race heats will be seeded by fastest lap.
  6. Top Qualifier will get 1 Bonus point





  1. All races will be run with a “Rotation race, straight rotation” format.
  2. Each segment will be 3 minutes with 1 minute and 15 seconds between segments for lane changes.
  3. Top seeds will get to choose their starting lane.
  4. There will be a 1 minute “warm-up” period before each race.
  5. You can win from any heat. Lap total and sections determine places
  6. Racers are not allowed to marshal their own cars.
  7. “Track” calls are made by marshals ONLY!
  8. After each race the racers are required to marshal the next race
  9. The first race of the class will be marshaled by the top qualifiers


 Racing order

1 Brass Class

2 Spec Racer

3 Super Stock

4. PolyMod



1st Place- 15 pts

2nd place- 13 pts

3rd place- 12 pts

4th place- 11 pts

5th place- 10 pts

6th place- 9 pts

7th place- 8 pts

8th place- 7 pts

9th place- 6pts

10th place- 5pts

11th place- 4 pts

12th place- 3 pts




Rules Committee

 Near the end of each racing season the rules committee will meet to discuss any possible changes of the rules. The committee cannot change rules by themselves. The committee’s proposals will be discussed and voted on at the Awards banquet. Rules committee members will be voted on each year.

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